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A Revisioning Workshop offers an opportunity for change. A half or full day, this creative workshop brings those together who wish to rewrite old stories and embrace brighter points of view.

In 2001, I was inspired by author, don Miguel Ruiz, when he said that each one of us is an artist and These workshops can be facilitated in Homes, Churches, Fellowships, Schools, Spiritual Centers, Retreats, Treatment Centers, and much more. I can collaborate with you to determine the most beneficial experience. And, as always, provide supportive, award-winning music to support the process. Recovery Testimonials   Sanctuary Concerts Book Readings and House Concerts

About the Author: James Nihan has had a long career as an artist and writer in several genres. He is also a therapist who has worked in the field of addictions and disorders for many years, offering compassionate and spiritual guidance to clients disabled by self-defeating beliefs. For two decades he was a volunteering professional, teaching songwriting to children, in the "Words & Music" progam at The Country Music Hall of Fame. An award-winning songwriter, James he has penned songs for Anne Murray and many other artists. He contributed to the musical Nanyehi, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee, initially funded by a grant from the Smithsonian Institute. Songwriting legend, Harlan Howard, once likened Jamesí storytelling style to the works of Canadian poet Robert Service, while poet Jean Pumphrey, Director of the Marin Poetry Center, wrote, "Here is a poet's voice painting a portrait of where love lives."

Of the creative process, James suggests,"Each one of us is an artist and each day we are given an opportunity to create. Life is a canvas and each day a brushstroke. We are empowered, for we hold the brush and the palette in our hands.

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