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Intent Mastery Program - Virginia
(Beginning in November - Call Dawn for details ASAP at 931.996.9278)
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Intent Mastery Program - Tennessee

2008 Schedule
January 25-27 / February 22-24 / March 21-23 / April 18-20 /
Group trip to Teotihuacan planned for May 14-19
June 27-29 / July 25-27 / August 22-24 / September 26-28
October 24-26 / November 21-23 / December 19-21

2009 Schedule
January 23-25 / February 27-March 1 / March 27-29 / April 24-26
May TBD / June 26-28 / July 24-26 / August 21-23 / September 25-27
October 23-25 / November 20-22 / December 18-20

The Intent Mastery Program: This is an invitation for a journey into the deepest and most complete personal change. You will be offered an opportunity to learn about, align with and create with the power of Love, or Intent. The result is total, joyous, engagement with life, and mastery over the content and direction of your life. You will probably not be able to help falling in love with yourself along the way! The Intent Mastery Program is a modern-day offering of an ancient mystery school like those of the Toltecs, the Sufis, and the early Eastern and Christian mystics. It is designed for the devoted and for the stubborn, those who respond to a format of scheduled weekend intensives.

Enrollment for new students is open for a limited time. Feel free to contact Dawn with any questions about the program at 931-996-9278 The cost is $225 per weekend and includes lodging.

Contact Dawn

P.O. Box 282, Lyles, Tennessee 37098     /     Send Dawn an E-mail

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