"Brothers Of The Wind"

Words & Music by James Nihan and Jon Hansell

I'd say the postcard flew from Idaho
By the postmark and the eagle on the stamp
I brought it in to Daddy
And read it to him by the bedside lamp
It was the only time he ever cried
In those final days of pain
But he had a smile in his eyes
When he said, "Son, could you read it once again?"

Dear Warren,
Do you still remember me?
Old friend, I haven't seen you since 1963. How's the family?
Do you remember when we could outrun any storm?
Lord, those skies were warm!
We were so much younger then.
We were brothers of the wind. Love, Norm

Well, Norm was Daddy's wingman
And they set the skies ablaze in world war II
They lost alot of buddies
But by the grace of God they made it through
Daddy always told me
You've got to keep a good friend by your side
Norm was right there in that postcard
So I read it one more time before he died

(Repeat Chorus)

Someday we're gonna fly again.
We're brothers of the wind. Love, Norm

Published by Composure Music (ASCAP)
/ Hansell and Gretell Music (ASCAP)

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