"Fields Of Blue"

Words & Music by James Nihan

I can still remember the way my daddy cussed
Behind an old bandana while the mule kicked up the dust
He hollered to the heavens, "Where do my labors go?
For the sake of my family let me reap what I sow!"
I watched him pour his sweat into
Those fields of blue

I am a farmer's daughter, I am a farmer's wife
I am a farmer's mother too
Sunshine and water I prayed for all my life
But heartaches are all that ever grew
In those fields of blue

I married a ploughboy when I turned seventeen
We planted forty acres with all our hopes and dreams
First we had the cyclone, then we had the drought
And then the rising river nearly drove us out
It's hard to make your dreams come true
In those fields of blue

(Repeat Chorus)

Tomorrow not far from here
The banker and the auctioneer
Are gonna put the gavel down
On my poor son's piece of ground

(Repeat Chorus)

Published by Composure Music (ASCAP)

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