"Mirror Boxes & Diamond Rings"

Words & Music by James Nihan

In a roadside cafe
Situated half-way
Between Tupelo and the Tennessee line
A fiery look upon her
She sat in a corner
With a wealthy banker's son and sippin' wine
And then the door floor open
And a man in overhauls
Hollered out these words
As the bullets hit the walls

Mirror boxes and diamond rings
Damn your passion for those shiny things
He's got you dancin' like a puppet on a string
With those mirror boxes and diamond rings

The grape Ne-hi sign shattered
And everybody scattered
But that ol' boy had aimed his pistol
High above their heads
He threw it down and he cried
A cruiser pulled up outside
The deputy who cuffed him
Said, "Why'd ya do it, Ned?"
He pointed in the corner
And said that man's a thief
Then he addressed the woman
Who was shakin' like a leaf

(repeat chorus)

Published by Composure Music (ASCAP)

Copyright 2001 Logo