"Waiting For Dawn"

Words & Music by James Nihan

I lived my life
In an early morning gray
Sheltered by the shadows
Between night and day
The chance to love
Comes with the chance of pain
And I'd never found the sunshine
That was worth a drop of rain
My arms held back from holding on
Now I know they were waiting for Dawn

Dawn broke through the clouds around me
Like a ray of light she found me
When all hope of love was gone
My heart was forever hesitating
Now I know it was waiting for Dawn

She took my hand
As we watched the waves roll by
On a Rockport Sunday
Beneath a turquoise sky
Her hazel eyes
Were as open as the sea
I never felt a deeper love
Than when she looked at me
My lips had longed to sing this song
Now I know they were waiting for Dawn

(Repeat Chorus)

All my life I've been waiting for Dawn

Published by Composure Music (ASCAP)

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