"You Can Keep Your Distance"

Words & Music by James Nihan

I thought I'd break down that wall
I thought I had the strength
But nothing I do helps at all
You keep me at arm's length
Loving on this one-way street
Ain't where I need to be
Baby I would never treat
You like you're treating me

So you can keep your distance
And your thoughts to yourself
You can keep pretending
That you don't need someone else
You can keep the silence
That's keeping us apart
You can keep your distance, baby
I'll keep my heart

I know that you carry scars
From what love's done to you
You no longer wish on stars
You don't think dreams come true
I thought if I gave you time
You'd learn to trust again
You're still not showing any sign
You'll ever let me in

(Repeat Chorus)

I thought you'd get closer
But you can't even start
So you can keep your distance, baby
I'll keep my heart

Published by Composure Music (ASCAP)

Copyright 2001 Logo