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"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

Support for Sobriety Challenges & Sex, Love and Relationship Issues - Shame Reduction
Trust & Integrity Restoration - Abandonment & Adoption History Resolution
Help Discerning Truth from Fiction in Personal Storytelling

My Journey & Offerings

     I have worked in the field of addictions in the Nashville area for twenty years. My personal recovery began in 1975 as a teen in the Boston area and, in 1980, my story was featured in a book published by the Rutgers University Center of Alcohol Studies in New Jersey. As a songwriter, author and artist, I may bring music, art and creative writing into the therapeutic process. Tennessee's ancestral landscapes provide the perfect setting for my passionate guidance, supporting clients on diverse spiritual paths. In 2020, I joined the team at Onsite Workshops, having previously directed an intensive outpatient program, been a senior therapist in a successful addictions program, as well as working in various other supportive roles.

     I do not consider myself to be your typically encountered counselor. I am not afraid to step out of the box and support you intuitively and spontaneously. If you seek a therapeutic relationship with me, I believe that you wish to collaborate, and courageously change your life, beginning within, resolving those things that cause poor choices, resulting in chaos and personal suffering. My unique life experience allows for greater understanding and empathy, giving you the opportunity to be truly heard and supported.

     Having spent years working in the music business, I understand the unique challenges faced when personal struggles threaten to block one's chosen path. I endorse improving one's spiritual connection to the Creator and all creation. To this end, I have assisted a clientele that includes priests, rabbis, ministers, and other spiritual leaders, who have fallen from grace and/or lost faith. For twenty years, I have been a proponent of the bestselling book, The Four Agreements, and its teachings, as a way to examine one's self-sabotaging inner-dialogue. I also enjoy using the power of metaphor and totems, medicine wheels, labyrinths, and nature, to encourage deeper introspection, inspire greater connectivity, and create a clearer understanding of self, life events, and of the surrounding world.

Services are currently provided at an affordable $85.00 per one-hour session,
but a special circumstance rate may be negotiated. I can accept payment via cash,
check or through Paypal. I do not work with insurance companies.

I am located in a quiet, natural setting in White Bluff, just 5 miles from I-40, Exit 182.
Drive time: 40 minutes from downtown Nashville - 25 minutes from Bellevue
15 minutes from Dickson and Fairview - 60 minutes from Clarksville

To inquire further about counseling services, or for more information regarding speaking
engagements, workshops, or musical presentations, please call
(931) 996-9279 or send a personal message via email to james.nihan@earthlink.net

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