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Revisions - Seeing Old Stories with New Eyes
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A reactive mind need not be master over one's heart, sabotaging true happiness and blinding us to the beauty of life. By revisioning our old stories we can turn ruminations into illuminations. How do we see the world? Do we count our injustices or our blessings? Each story presented here gives an example of both, moving the reader from a limiting perspective into a more positive and loving point of view. Perhaps these stories will inspire you to look again at your own.

This book contains seventy-three stories that can be used for daily meditation, to inspire discussion in therapeutic groups, to support themes of pastoral presentations and lectures, or simply to immerse oneself in the lyrical prose.

"This is a book of deep spirituality that I can return to over and over again." - Ramon Sender Barayon, Author, Being of the Sun and A Death in Zamora

"If wisdom had weight, you would not be able to lift this little book!" - Thom Rutledge, Author, Sit Down & Shut Up: A Guide to Simple Meditation & Wisdom and Embracing Fear

"In addition to reading this book, I suggest you hold it close to your heart and feel it!" - don Allan Hardman, Toltec Elder and Author, The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book

A book sample:

The Tear

Old Story - It has risen from your depths and teeters in the corner of your eye, paused by your uncertainty. Mustering all your strength you tug at this sign of weakness, but it is too late. Once released you cannot will it back inside you. This tear is personal and was never to be shared. It represents your greatest sorrow, your deepest wound. And now you have betrayed yourself in a thoughtless moment of surrender, giving away what you vowed to keep always.

New Story - This drop of water has lived a million years. Over and over, it has risen to the sky and fallen to the earth. It has trickled from many eyes, soothed the brow of a leper, washed the feet of an apostle. It has carved the Grand Canyon and leapt from Angel Falls. And one day it merged with you for but a blink in the eye of the universe. It never belonged to you; it has always belonged to the world. Perhaps, you think, with a spark of joy, this tear will next slake the thirst of the weary on the road to Santiago or Mecca. With love, you let it roll gracefully down your beautiful cheek and continue its journey. It has places to go.

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