The journey continues...and with the CD All Creation, I have once again been inspired by so many experiences that I have felt and seen. And still I am awed by these lyrical and musical creations and I humbly thank Creator for letting me hold the pen. It is with the purest of intent that I present them. They are the perceptions of heart and spirit, and if they connect with yours, I smile like the sun. But I am already in gratitude, for I know who I am today and I love this life.

A few words about the songs...

     Dragonfly is based on an experience in Tennessee on the Piney River during Circle of Fire 2003 in which don Roberto Paez created a beautiful ceremony for healing. The dragonfly was my witness as I knelt in the river to surrender an old belief. I then wrote the song in the third person.

     I See the Light in Everything was written on a Sunday in early 2004. Dawn was in Mexico at the Pyramid of the Sun with thousands of others and it was during the spring equinox. I was sitting at home in Tennessee and it was raining outside. I was thinking about her down in Teotihuacan in the sunshine and I was complaining to myself about rain. But, I thought, rain is a beautiful thing too. And then I began writing: "In every drop of rain that falls..."

     Desert Dream This is a compilation of several dreams and originally included lyrics from the song, "Flying Dream." As in the song, "Beth Brown's Last Agreement," I was dreaming my way back to a time I had lived in Tucson, Arizona from 1979-80. The lizard is a symbol of transformation and here I talk about how we a constantly changing, dying and being reborn in every breath, individually and collectively. In a relationship, we have the choice of moving forward, always in love, accepting what our lovers shed and what they see with their "new" eyes. We can embrace or we can resist, we can reach out and grow with life or we can hold back and wither. Only when I let you go can I truly be with you in this moment.

     All Creation I began writing this one as I drove to Massachusetts in August 2003. I was looking at how we are creators created by the Creator creating. Do you know what I mean, how there can be something divine in all we do? Even the act of making love is an act of creation and can be so much greater than it appears, connected on a higher level. A year later it had turned into a science project and I felt I had over-written the song to the point that it had no soul. I asked Dawn to collaborate with me and contribute words from the heart to replace some of my words from the overactive mind. Thank you, thank you, my dear.

     Love is a Gift How can we truly love others if we do not first love ourselves, recognizing the divinity within? So often we search outside of ourselves for that which will make us complete and happy and perfect. From our own awakening points of view change. Can I look in a mirror and say, "I love you" and mean it, accepting and forgiving myself with all my perceived frailties and flaws? When I can do this, the unconditional love I have for others is boundless. In a way, the lyrics also speak on the issue of codependency.

     Samsara At a workshop with don Miguel Ruiz at the Omega Institute in New York in 2001, I met three women, artists of the Spirit, who are from the New Jersey/Maryland area. They, and some of their friends, gather each year, don wings and dance in ceremony as the Prayer Feather Girls. When I received a Christmas card and poem from Millie in 2003, I became enchanted and inspired to write a song in honor of these women. And they have already danced to it! "Together prayer feather angels taking flight..."

     Seeds of Light was written one morning outside on the farm as red-tailed hawks circled above. It just poured through and felt like a lullaby for children...and then, I realized, it was a lullaby for the children in all of us. When I played the song through for the first time, Iris, my angel dog, began wagging her tail. And then, about 60 feet away, three fawns emerged from the tall grass at the edge of the field, facing me without fear, listening. I felt in this amazing moment that, through song, I had connected in a pure and beautiful way with all creations.

     Beth Brown's Last Agreement tells the story so I will let the lyrics speak for themselves. I realized in the spring of 2004 that it had been twenty-five years since I had lived in Tucson and I was also remembering an old friend. It would have been nice if a book like "The Four Agreements" had been around back then...

I wish you love, peace and light,
          - James

Liner Notes

If you think this CD is self-indulgent, you are right. I indulged myself to my heart’s content. These songs were passionately conceived and joyfully birthed. They are the result of sleeping and waking dreams, visions, reflections and ceremonies. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all creations as well as the many messengers of inspiration who have shone light upon my path in these most recent moments of infinity, including: my beloved Dawn Zurlinden, don Miguel Ruiz (author of the “Four Agreements”), don Jose & Judy Ruiz, Ted and Peggy Raess, Roberto Paez, Allan Hardman, the Tennessee Transcendence Group & the Prayer Feather Girls. Special thanks to Duane Sciacqua and all the musicians who have blessed this creation. As the smoke clears, perceptions change and my heart awakens to the sweetest dream. - In Love, James

- In remembrance of my dear friend Beth Brown -

Christy Martin & Aodh Og O Tuama perform internationally as Four Shillings Short.
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Kevin Ball can be found online at
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The Players

1. "Praylude"
(Music by James Nihan)
James: Tibetan bowl, windchimes, rainstick & stump drum
Dawn Zurlinden: Keyboard

2. "I See the Light in Everything"
(Words & Music by James Nihan)
James: Vocal, acoustic guitar & chime
Duane Sciacqua: electric guitar
Dawn Zurlinden: Backup vocals & keyboard
Brian Hinchliffe: bass
Gantt Kees: drums

3. "Desert Dream"
(Words & Music by James Nihan)
James: Vocals & acoustic guitar
Aodh Og O Tuama: Pennywhistle
Christy Martin: Sitar
Duane Sciacqua: Mandolin
Dawn Zurlinden: Keyboard

4. "Choose Love"
(Words & Music by James Nihan)
James: Vocal & acoustic guitar
Duane Sciacqua: Bass, drums & acoustic guitar
Dawn Zurlinden: Backup vocals & shaker
Gantt Kees: Tambourine

5. "All Creation"
(Words & Music by James Nihan and Dawn Zurlinden)
James: Vocal, acoustic guitars, Native American flute & windchimes
Dawn Zurlinden: Vocal & keyboard
Christy Martin: Sitar
Duane Sciacqua: Bass & acoustic guitar
Kevin Ball: Djembe

6. "Innerlude"
(Words & Music by James Nihan)
James: Teo ocarina, rainstick & windchimes
Dawn Zurlinden: Vocals & keyboard

7. "Seeds of Light"
(Words & Music by James Nihan)
James: Vocal, acoustic guitars, windchimes
Dawn Zurlinden: Backup vocals
James, Dawn & Duane Sciacqua: The angels

8. "Love Is a Gift"
(Words & Music by James Nihan)
James: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Michael Stidolph: Dobro & mandolin
Brian Hinchliffe: Bass
Duane Sciacqua: Brushes on paper

9. "Dragonfly"
(Words & Music by James Nihan)
James: Vocal, acoustic guitar & stump drum
Christy Martin: Hammered dulcimer
Aodh Og O Tuama: Gemshorn
Dawn Zurlinden: Backup vocals

10. "Beth Brown's Last Agreement"
(Words & Music by James Nihan)
James: Vocals, acoustic guitar & harmonica
Duane Sciacqua: Electric guitar & piano
Brian Hinchliffe: Bass
Gantt Kees: Drums & tambourine

11. "Samsara"
(Words & Music by James Nihan)
James: Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Christy Martin: Sitar Duane Sciacqua: Electric guitar
Kevin Ball: Djembe
Dawn Zurlinden: Tambourine

12. "Flying Dream"
(Words & Music by James Nihan)
James: Vocal, acoustic guitar
Aodh Og O Tuama: Pennywhistle
Dawn Zurlinden: Keyboard

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