I Can See Arkansas Reviews

Steve Wariner
Album: Laredo

"I Can See Arkansas, Laredo's opener, is the sort of great pop-country ballad about long-distance loneliness that Glen Campbell (whose influence can be heard in Steve Wariner's music) used to specialize in. Here, the vast American landscape - in this case, the wide Mississippi - becomes a metaphor for the aching distance between two hearts."
-Bob Allen, Country Music magazine

"Yes, there are still plenty of those radio-ready singles that Wariner's become known for, most notably the plucky swing of L-O-V-E Love with its ad hoc vocal scatting, the longing I Can See Arkansas, and the lilting Precious Thing."
-Holly Gleason, Tower Records Pulse!

"I Can See Arkansas has that odd combination of bittersweet message and jaunty melody that has served the singer so well in the past."
-Robert Oermann, The Sunday Tennessean

"Country crooner Wariner titled his new album Laredo, but the opening cut is I Can See Arkansas...one of the best (songs) to mention our state in years..."
-Jack W. Hill, The Arkansas Democrat

"I Can See Arkansas and Where Fools Are Kings are the most soulful songs Wariner has yet recorded..."
-Rick Mitchell, Houston Chronicle

"Steve Wariner's upcoming Laredo is wonderfully barren and twangy. Expect I Can See Arkansas to be a big country hit..."
-Michael Corcoran, Houston Press

Anne Murray
Album: Yes I Do
Album: Fifteen Of The Best
Album: Now And Forever

"Her 30th Capitol album proves as much a listening pleasure as her first, Snowbird, released in 1970...cuts like...I Can See Arkansas...will leave the listener smiling.
-Billboard magazine, Album Reviews

"...as on all her albums you'll find gems. I Can See Arkansas is a tune so pretty a butterfly could land on it."
-Modern Screen's Country Music Special

"I Can See Arkansas, a song by James Nihan and Wood Newton, was recorded last year by Steve Wariner, but Murray and producer Jerry Crutchfield turn in their own memorable version."
-Country America magazine

"A personal favorite of the artist, and another 1992 cut rounds out the tremendous collection: James Nihan and Wood Newton's composition, I Can See Arkansas. The smoky presentation of this number shows that this singer has done nothing but grow as an entertainer since that time, over twenty years ago, when Anne Murray stepped up to a microphone, and a legend was born."
-Patsi Cox, Fifteen Of The Best liner notes

"Enchanting. Song originally appeared on Steve Wariner's Laredo album and Anne adds absolute magic to it."
-Robert Oermann, Music Row magazine

"Murray delivers yet another flawless vocal performance (I Can See Arkansas) while pondering the poetic shades of a romantic breakup."
-Billboard magazine, Single Reviews

"The first single, I Can See Arkansas, is one of Anne's favorite tracks on the album."
-Celeste Gomes, Country Song Roundup

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