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    Dawn Zurlinden holds an open door to you in your quest for lasting happiness. You can deepen your relationship and experience with life, perhaps more than you've ever dreamed possible. This happened to Dawn. She had settled for only so much happiness for decades in her life. She then began to encounter truth, and did not look away, because she knew it would make her happier. The truth was about herself, how much she'd been limiting herself, and how much power she had to change that!
    Dawn met don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements, who, along with doña Barbara Emrys, taught her ancient methods to love and transformation from the Toltec civilization in Mexico. She worked with them for more than six years. She began to have a direct and vibrant experience with the very energy of life. As she gained more choice over her thoughts and emotions, her relationship with herself and all of life became one of deep love and respect. Dawn studied wisdom from Taoist, Sufi, Buddhist and Native American traditions. She also studied modern methods of change from innovative psychology. Don Miguel and doña Barbara encouraged her to teach. As Dawn found ways to express her experience of life force, she took the next natural step and offers access to this experience to others.
    Dawn has been teaching and counseling for several years as a full-time activity. She is a Toltec Master and has a Master's Degree in Social Work. She offers a spontaneous experience, drawing from the natural energy of the present moment, as well as from the wisdom she has gathered. She frequently uses interactive techniques and ceremonies of the spirit. Her home is in the middle of a green, green field of grass. She grows chili peppers and lays under the stars, listening and merging with the locusts and all of creation.

Some of Dawn's Offerings

Individual Apprenticeships - by phone
(Approximately 2 hours total per month - $125.00)

Couples Sessions - Group Presentations

Nashville 'Four Agreements' Support Group

Meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Call Dawn at (931) 996-9278 for location and details.

2008 Schedule
May 8 and 22 / June 12 and 26 / July 10 and 24 / August 14 and 28 / September 11 and 25
October 9 and 23 / November 13 and 27 / December 11

The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz, inspires us to use simple, yet powerful tools for a free and happy life. If you have read the book you may have been struck by its transformative message. The support group is created to help you put The Four Agreements to use on a daily basis. You are welcome to come and share your challenges and successes as you integrate these tools into your life. Positive lasting change happens when you put your tender, loving attention on it.

Dawn Zurlinden has been a Toltec teacher for several years. She studied personally with don Miguel Ruiz for four of her seven years of apprenticeship. She offers these evenings free of charge.

Weekend Playshops

December 12-14, 2008 - The Ranch, Nunnelly, Tennessee
"Loving It All" - a weekend intensive - Friday, 7:00 pm - Sunday, noon

(The Ranch is located one hour west of downtown Nashville on 2,000 acres along the banks of the Piney River. For more information, contact Nina at (800) 849-5969.)

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