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Collection #2 - Posted January 29, 2002

The purpose of this web page is to provide you with old photographs, newspaper clippings and other items of interest of the Nihan and Sullivan families. You can simply view these images and even download them to disk as a way of collecting family history. A new set will be posted every few months. If you would like to add one of your photos to the collection please send or e-mail it to me (photos will be returned promptly). Also, if you will send me your e-mail address I'll be sure to notify you when a new collection is posted. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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New Collection / Collection #2 / Collection #3 / Collection #4

Description of Pictures

Top Row:
1. Lisbon, NH newspaper 1922. Mary Nihan turns 100.
2. Lisbon, NH 1910. The Nihan farm on Walker Hill.
3. Bob Nihan 1962. Essex Aggy class photo.
4. Anna & Roger Nihan with Johnny Konecki. 1968 Auburn, ME

Second Row:
1. Bill Nihan on pony - 1932.
2. Roger, George Sr. & Rob Nihan with friend in Atlantic City - 1932.
3. Roger Nihan on Lake Attitash, Amesbury, MA - 1948.
4. Anna Nihan - 1948.

Third Row:
1. Jim & Janet Nihan. Beverly, MA - 1968.
2. Guy Lewis & Susan Jedrey kids Katherine, Helen & Daniel - 2001.
3. Jim Nihan birthday with Bill & Leslie Jedrey - Beverly, MA - 1961.
4. Gary, Michael, Jim & Bill Sullivan with Thom Nihan - 1967

Bottom Row:
1. The Jedreys with Gram Sullivan - 1980.
2. Jack & Loretta Sullivan & girls in Lynn, MA - 1969.
3. Ed & Gloria, Leo, Jack Sullivan & Roger Nihan in Lynn, MA - 1980
4. Bob Bartlett, Gary & Billy Sullivan on Adeline Road - 1969.

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