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Collection #3 - Posted July 9, 2002

The purpose of this web page is to provide you with old photographs, newspaper clippings and other items of interest of the Nihan and Sullivan families. You can simply view these images and even download them to disk as a way of collecting family history. A new set will be posted every few months. If you would like to add one of your photos to the collection please send or e-mail it to me (photos will be returned promptly). Also, if you will send me your e-mail address I'll be sure to notify you when a new collection is posted. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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New Collection / Collection #2 / Collection #3 / Collection #4

Description of Pictures

Top Row:
1. Grace Nihan (youngest sister to George Sr./daughter of Will). This is
her high school graduation picture from Saint Mary's in Lynn, MA in 1922.
Imagine being a female sportswriter for Boston newspapers in the 1930's!
Grace never married.
2. Gramp (George) Nihan in Amesbury, MA 1970's. He always loved his vegetable
garden and his Rhode Island Reds!
3. Gramp Nihan at a Boy Scouts convention in Hot Springs, Arkansas 1928. This
staged shot is extra funny as he never let a drop of liquor into his house. In
fact, as a policeman, he was known to chase bootleggers through the streets of Lynn
and Swampscott at night, exchanging gunfire from the back of his Indian motorcycle!
4. The Koneckis in Auburn, ME circa 1964 (Easter, perhaps?) Chooch, Tom, Kathy
Nancy, Johnny and Auntie Ruth (Left to Right).

Second Row:
1. Len Nihan Sr. on the bow. Navy 1940's.
2. Roger & Anna Nihan with Mary & George Nihan Jr. 1968. Could this be at
George Sr.'s retirement party?
3. Len Nihan retires as principal of Lynnfield High School, MA 1983. This is a
clipping from the Salem Evening News.
4. Will Nihan at Lynn Beach in 1924. He was born in Lisbon, NH in the 1860's,
the son of Mary and Denis, who immigrated from County Cork around 1848. He was
the father of George Nihan. It's said that he used to play horseshoes on the
town square with a fellow named Chandler, who operated a little printing press.
Chandler invited Will to join him in seeking their fortunes in California. Will
was engaged and so he declined. Chandler went on to start the Los Angeles Times!
In later years Will was a bit of a "travelin' man" and worked for the Erie
Railroad and was a prison guard at Sing Sing in NY.

Third Row:
1. Nana Nihan sits on the running board of the family's first Ford in 1921. With
her are probably Rob, George and Roger (or Ruth).
2. Nana Nihan relaxes - early 1960's. She passed away in 1965.
3. Damn Yankees! In the Beverly, MA Little League 1967. This incredible team was
coached by, none other than, Joe Jedrey, who would go on to find reknown tickling
the ivory keys in the smoky honky tonks of Lynn, MA (eg: The Franco-American Club)!
Players include Bill Jedrey, Bill Sullivan and Jim Nihan. Batboy is Gary Sullivan.
4. Irish Lady of the Year! Gram (Bridie) Sullivan received this honor at Saint
Mary's in Lynn, MA in 1981. This clipping is from the Lynn Post.

Fourth Row:
1. Emma Cotter in California - 2001.
2. James Nihan and Gus on the farm in Bon Aqua, TN April, 2000. Until I shaved the
beard some of the neighbors called me Nathan Bedford Forrest!
3. Jack and Loretta Sullivan throw a backyard lobster party in Beverly, MA - 1982
4. Another Christmas at 111 Park Street in Lynn, MA. Gathered around the kitchen
table are Ruth Jedrey, Anna Nihan & Jack and Loretta Sullivan - 1980

Bottom Row:
1. Carole Cotter and her son, Hunter - circa 1997.
2. Janet Nihan, the lifeguard, at her post in Danvers, MA circa 1983. This is
the Salem Evening News feature.
3. Beth (Jedrey) & Craig Gamble.
4. Gary Sullivan, Jim Nihan and Bill Sullivan at Clark house on Juniper Road
in Beverly, MA - 1975.

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