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Collection #4 - Posted May 16, 2003

In memorium...
George E. Nihan, Born June 15, 1916 - Died March 12, 2004
Leonard Nihan, Born June 21, 1926 - Died March 18, 2004

Elizabeth Quimby Nihan, Born May 27, 1913 - Died March 17, 2003
    (Last of the Nihan clan to live on the original Walker Hill farm
Married to Maurice, son of David and Nora Nihan)

The purpose of this web page is to provide you with old photographs, newspaper clippings and other items of interest of the Nihan and Sullivan families. You can simply view these images and even download them to disk as a way of collecting family history. A new set will be posted every few months. If you would like to add one of your photos to the collection please send or e-mail it to me (photos will be returned promptly). Also, if you will send me your e-mail address I'll be sure to notify you when a new collection is posted. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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Click here to visit, a website with some great John Konecki Jr. photos and log entries from the Antarctic during the 1979 WinterOver at Palmer Station. This website belongs to Allen Cull, who was with John. On Home page click on WinterOver 79 / Journals and News from 79

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New Collection / Collection #2 / Collection #3 / Collection #4

Description of Pictures

Top Row:
1. Bill Nihan (an older brother to George Sr./son of Will). He was a fireman in Lynn, MA. He and wife Florence are interred in Lynn's Pine Grove Cemetery nearby George and Annie - circa 1920.
2. Carol (Nihan) Macoul on tricycle - 1940's.
3. Chooch (Konecki) Delehanty takes a ride with Stardust and Irish Setter, Peggy (What a good dog she was!) - 1960's.
4. Ed Callahan (he was married to Marion Nihan, George's sister), George Nihan and a fellow named Robinson. Wasn't he a ball player? Does anyone remember his full name? Probably taken at Lynn Boy's Club or Creighton Pond in Middleton, MA - 1960's.

Second Row:
1. Bill Nihan Jr. - 1946.
2. Gramp Nihan and grandchildren sitting on the pier at Lake Attitash, MA - mid 1950's. Hey, cousins, who do you recognize?
3. Gramp Nihan with his brother Bill and son Jack. This looks like a picture that was shot at Creighton Pond, Middleton, MA at a Nihan reunion - mid 1960's.
4. Gramp (George) Nihan at about fifteen years old. This would be around 1910.

Third Row:
1. George Nihan Jr. - This is a collection of three photos, from childhood to fighting fires in Lynn, MA.
2. Nana Nihan on vacation in Florida - 1960's.
3. The great Nihan collision of 1922. Police officer George Nihan and his brother, fireman Bill Nihan, both had sirens blaring and didn't hear each other as they hurried to a city blaze. Both men were rushed to the...hey, just read the ole newspaper story! I believe this is the accident that left Gramp with a back injury that plagued him in later years. If you ever stayed at the house on Lake Attitash you might recall him playing solitaire on sleepness nights.
4. Carol Nihan, Kathy Konecki, Jennifer Nihan and Chooch Konecki - early 1950's.

Fourth Row:
1. The twins, Roger and Ruth Nihan - 1923.
2. Roger and Ruth again, on their way to the school play - late 1920's.
3. Auntie Ruth breaks ground for Dr. J.T. Konecki Memorial Medical Center at Camp Hinds, Maine. Daughter Kathy Wellehan stands to her left - 1977.
4. Uncle Rob Nihan with his accordian - early 1930's.

Fifth Row:
1. Father Bill Sullivan receives an award. On hand are: (Back row) Jim Sullivan, Roger Nihan, Tom Sullivan, Ed Sullivan, Joe Jedrey, Leo Sullivan, Rita Sullivan and Gloria Sullivan / (Front row) Anna (Sullivan) Nihan, Norma Sullivan, Gramp (James) Sullivan, presenter (Who is this???), Father Bill Sullivan, Gram Sullivan, Ruth (Sullivan) Jedrey and Rich Sullivan - 1956?
2. Kathie (Sullivan) and Jim O'Rourke with daughter Bridget and son Kristopher in Puerto Rico - February 1995.
3. Erin Bartlett receives First Communion at Saint Margaret's, Beverly Farms, MA. Present are Maryann (Nihan) and Bill Bartlett with Mike, Erin, Becky and Heather and grandparents Kitty Bartlett and Roger and Anna Nihan. 1995
4. Clayton Sullivan (son of Tom and Pat) - 2002

Sixth Row:
1. Kathy (Jedrey) and Tom Hayden with son Ben - mid 1990's.
2. Maureen Sullivan holding Kathy Jedrey. Others in photo include Bill Jedrey and Jim Nihan (on left) and Gary and Bill Sullivan (on right). 111 Park Street, Lynn, MA - Easter? Memorial Day? - 1960.
3. Chicago Sullivans - Top row: William Francis Sullivan, Esq./Bottom row: John Watson, MD (Rita's Husband), Maria (the girl from South America) and Rita Sullivan Watson. Receiving an award for sponsoring Maria's trip to the United States for surgery - 2002.
4. "Dueling Walkers" - Gram (Bridie) Sullivan and her sister Sabina appear to be squaring off - 1980's.

Seventh Row:
1. Heather (Sullivan) and Jerry Gatto's children Natalie and Gregory - New York - 2002.
2. Charlie & Lucille Luth. Charlie's mother was Helen (Sullivan) Luth (born March 4, 1913), a younger sister to Gramp (James) Sullivan. When she immigrated from Ireland she married Carl Harmon Luth (born August 17, 1909). Carl was a German immigrant from the island of Wrixum/Fohr. Helen and Carl settled down in West Haven, CT and had three children. This photo of Charlie and Lucille was taken in Milford, CT - September 1, 1994.
3. Ryan Luth - son of Noel and Mary-Ellen (grandson of Charlie and Lucille) - Connecticut - 2002.
4. Jack, Anna, Loretta, Norma and Jim at the dock in Portland.
(this is part of the next row series) - 1950's.

Bottom Row:
These are all from a day of boating around Casco Bay off Portland, Maine. John and Ruth Konecki hosted several of the Sullivan clan - 1950's.
1. Jim Sullivan strikes a pose.
2. Jack and Loretta ham it up.
3. Ruth Konecki, Anna Nihan, Loretta and Norma Sullivan enjoy the cruise.
4. Lunch on an island beach. John Konecki, Bill Sullivan and Roger Nihan

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