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New Collection - Posted January 22, 2006

In memorium...
Mary Nihan, died March 18, 2005
Jane Nihan, died June 4, 2005
David Nihan, died December 10, 2005

The purpose of this web page is to provide you with old photographs, newspaper clippings and other items of interest of the Nihan and Sullivan families. You can simply view these images and even download them to disk as a way of collecting family history. A new set will be posted every few months. If you would like to add one of your photos to the collection please send or e-mail it to me (photos will be returned promptly). Also, if you will send me your e-mail address I'll be sure to notify you when a new collection is posted. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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New Collection / Collection #2 / Collection #3 / Collection #4

Description of Pictures

Top Row:
1. George E. Nihan's 1903 class photo, Lisbon, New Hampshire
2. George Nihan Jr. on a visit to Lisbon, NH circa 1920. He sits in front of the old homestead.
3. George Sr. with police department baseball team in Lynn, MA - 1921
4. The Boy Scouts...George Nihan Sr. and Jr. circa 1926
5. Aunt Mary Rogers with George and Rob Nihan - 1920

Second Row:
1. Rob Nihan - 1923
2. Jack Nihan - high school photo - 1950's
3. Results of the 1954 hurricane on the cottage in the birches on Lake Attitash, Amesbury, MA
4. Carole (Nihan) Macoul - late 1940s?
5. Ken and Carole (Nihan) Macoul - 1962

Third Row:
1. Jim and Kathy (Konecki) Wellehan with sons, Dan, Jim and John - Maine 1986
2. The Lynn Boys Club - Lynn, MA
3. George Nihan retires from Lynn Boys Club after 40 years - Lynn Item - Part 1
4. George Nihan retires from Lynn Boys Club after 40 years - Lynn Item - Part 2
5. George Nihan retires from Lynn Boys Club after 40 years - Lynn Item - Part 3

Fourth Row:
1. Lynn, Massachusetts Postcard Map - 1881
2. Kristian and John Terison (Konecki clan) - Maine 1986
3. Beverly, Massachusetts Postcard - President Taft Summer Home - 1909
4. Roger and Anna (Sullivan) Nihan in Maine - 1947
5. Jim Nihan entertains George Nihan and friends at Clover Manor, Auburn, ME in 1979

Fifth Row:
1. An outing - Roger and Anna Nihan with Jim and the twins, Tom and Maryann - 1960
2. Leslie and Bill Jedrey with Jim Nihan - circa 1960
3. Anna Nihan with Tom, Jim, Janet and Maryann - Christmas 1961
4. Tom, Janet, Jim and Maryann Nihan in Beverly Farms - 1963
5. Maryann and Jim Nihan with Pinky - 1967

Sixth Row:
1. Lori Sullivan-Fay and Father Bill Sullivan on the San Francisco Bay enroute to Alcatraz. Photo by James - January 1987
2. Bridie Sullivan and three sisters...The McDonnough Girls...It is 1979 and they are watching the dancing at the Sword and Shield Restaurant in Beverly, MA. It is the wedding reception of Maryann Nihan and Bill Bartlett.
3. Bill and Janet (Nihan) McCarthy sailing on Boston Harbor - 1981
4. Maureen Sullivan's article from 1971
5. Unknown - Does anybody know who this is? It looks like Ireland.

Seventh Row:
1. Carol Cotter - By the swan boats, Boston Common - 1980s
2. Jim and Norma Sullivan with Norma's mother, Doris Finegan - 111 Park Street, Lynn, MA - Christmas 1967
3. Jeannie Sullivan with Uncle Leo Sullivan - 111 Park Street, Lynn, MA - Christmas 1967
4. Left to right: Susan Jedrey, Kevin and Carol Cotter, Janet and Maryann Nihan, Philip Sullivan - 111 Park Street, Lynn, MA - Christmas 1967
5. A 1958 visit to Chicago, Illinois to visit Jack and Loretta and also Gramp Sullivan's brother Martin and family. In photo from left to right are: Anna Nihan, Richard Sullivan, Jim Nihan, Suzanne Sullivan, Gramp and Gram Sullivan and Jack Sullivan. Chicago was Jack's first assignment with the FBI.

Bottom Row:
1. The O'Rourkes - Jim, Kathie (Sullivan), Bridget and Kristopher - NJ 2005
2. Thomas, Sloane and Tabitha Sullivan - NY 2005
3. Emma and Patrick Cotter - CA 2005
4. Helen, Katherine and Daniel (Jedrey) Lewis - Christmas 2000
5. Gram and Gramp Sullivan (Jim and Bridie) on vacation on Mousam Lake, Maine - 1968

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