Historic Art

This woodburning is done on a 5' long piece of shagbark hickory. The tree
was planted beside the tomb of Andrew Jackson and his wife, Rachel, around
1850, by their son. In April of 1998, a tornado swept across the Hermitage
property, destroying 1,400 trees on the 650 acres. I was there when it struck
and later, when an attempt was made to mill some of the trees for lumber, I
took a chainsaw and cut this piece off the fallen hickory. The bark was so
tough it threw sparks!

Anyway, I seasoned the wood for three years before burning the Hermitage
landscape across the front. It is my most ambitious work to date and this is
the only wood-burning that will be done using wood from this historic tree.

Re-created here, you will find the Hermitage, Rachel's garden, Andy and Rachel's
tomb, Uncle Alfred's cabin, Jackson's original cabin and the Tulip Grove mansion,
home of Jackson's nephew, who was Jackson's personal secretary in Washington.

Original price: $1,200.00
Price reduced: $1,050.00

This item will be safely packed and shipped insured. See detail on photos below!

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