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"I Can See Arkansas

(Recorded by Anne Murray, David Ball and Steve Wariner)

Words & Music by James Nihan and Wood Newton

There's a natural wonder between us
But it doesn't seem natural to me
That you can walk away from the love we made
Here in Tennessee
And leave everything that we worked for
To start a brand new life
I saw you drive across the Memphis bridge
But I don't believe my eyes

Oh, I can see Arkansas across the Mississippi
I can see a big river barge headin' down to New Orleans
I can see the cotton fields on the other side
And the sun going down again
Oh, I can see Arkansas
But I still don't see
Why the love we had should end

If it proved how much I love you
I'd swim this ol' river tonight
I'd bet my soul against the undertow
For the chance to hold you tight
But there's more than a river between us
And I can't swim that far
And as hard as I try I just can't drown
The memories of where you are

(Repeat Chorus)

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