Praises and Reviews

"People find themselves moved by Nihan's open-hearted lyrics and gentle, beautiful delivery." - The Leaf-Chronicle, Clarksville, Tennessee

"James' music transcends barriers; it speaks to all of us." - Register-Herald, West Virginia

"James is one of the loveliest artists of the heart. His music brings joy to the soul and is the perfect music to grow and learn by. I have so much gratitude for his creation." - Sheri Rosenthal, DPM, Author of The Idiot's Guide to Toltec Wisdom

"In the songs of James Nihan we enter a world of artistry. Here is a poet's voice painting in sound and image a portrait of where love lives." - Jean Pumphrey, Literary Director, The Marin Poetry Center

"He comes from...a folk background and his lyrics are just incredible. He can paint a picture like nobody's business." - Country Scene magazine

"A loving tribute to the power of transformation! James Nihan has created a refreshingly honest and moving memoir, a chronicle of awakening to the sweetness of life." - don Roberto Paez, Toltec Teacher

"James’ music transports you! Whether it’s to deeper realms within yourself or to the top of the pyramids in Mexico, it’s a journey you won’t forget. Our audience was inspired by his music, the poetry of his lyrics and his infectious sense of humor!" - Annie Hess, Center Coordinator, World Healing Institute at Cobb Island Station, Virginia

"Thank you for being the incredible gift that you are. What an amazing evening we shared - filled with beautiful music and inspiration. Can't find the words to tell you that this was the best concert ever experienced." - Roel Strzeminski and Janet Richards, Co-directors, Be Well Center, Atascadero, California

"Being a connoisseur of all music, it was refreshing to see someone singing their heart instead of their wallet. Now that I have met you the songs ring truth even louder." - Michael Parkes, The Whole You, Inc., North Carolina

"I wanted to take a minute to say thanks for all you are and all you give." - Barbara Williams, Managing Editor, Balanced Life magazine

"James and Dawn’s music brings alive the Spirit of the Divine in everyone listening. Their music, along with their peaceful yet powerful presence, inspires and enriches all who are touched by their song of the heart. It was truly a gift to have them with us." - Rev. Felicia Searcy, Unity Church of Life, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

"This collection is as full of wisdom as it is full of beautiful, heart-felt music conveyed with Nihan's unique and resonant voice...songs to live your life by." - Thom Rutledge, Author of Embracing Fear and Finding the Courage to Live Your Life

"It is wonderful. The music and the poetry are so moving, so creative." - June Stratton, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Clarksville, Tennessee

"WOW!! A beautiful tribute to the heart that opens in you. I heard myself singing “Sister Mitote” when I got up this morning." - don Allan Hardman, Toltec Master & Mentor

"James is a storyteller. More than that, James is a wisdom-gatherer and shares the message. All it takes is for one to listen. I have listened and I am awed." - Lin Church, MSSW CMSW - Life Changes Consultant

"James exhales love into the room as he performs and everyone listening breathes it in and is touched by it. I’m so glad he could be with us and share the loving presence and heartfelt music that are his special gift." - Rev. Mary Murray Shelton, author of Guidance From the Darkness, and Community Spiritual Leader, Global Heart Spiritual Center, Santa Rosa, California

"An instant connection was made between James and our congregation. His music and words touched us at a soul level and resonated love." - Rev Anne Muelleman, Center for Spiritual Evolution, Crystal Lake, Illinois

"Your performance had a tremendous brought emotion into the night...helping people realize the needs of these children." - Lisbeth Couser, VP Fund Development, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee

"I also use a song from one of your CD's when I do a talk or sermon at Unity Five Cites here on the Central Coast of California." - Sattie Blanton, Arroyo Grande, California

"James Nihan's music takes us to a place where wisdom and beauty delight our souls. His gift blesses us with the joyful truth that we are all One in the spiritual dance we call life." - Carol Narigon, Program Council Music Rep, Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Dayton, Ohio

"Beautiful and uplifting...We were truly blessed with your music." - Rev. Teny Rule Fisher, Unity Church of the Cumberlands, Cookville, Tennessee

"Even before you began singing, as we met in the main foyer, I recognized the presence of a kindred spirit. The truth expressed in simple words spun along the loose melody resonated inside of me like fire and hope for a reborn humanity grown beyond greed and fear. You are a kaleidoscope of musical light!" - Ettore Zuccarino, Sculptor - Cape Charles, Virginia

Dear Mr. Nihan, Thanks for visiting our classroom to share your terrific songs with us. I enjoyed listening to how you grew up to be a songwriter. I also enjoyed the song Flying. I never met someone who had such an imagination. I think I'll be a songwriter when I grow up. Love, Victoria - Grade 4 - Ridgewood, New Jersey

"James is an angel who sings. Not only is the music beautiful and easy on the ears, it will transform your life." - Gene Nathan, MD - San Diego, California

"James is a brilliant writer and his words are a source of strength for caregivers and mentors who endeavor to be mirrors in the lives of others." - Yvonne Capps, LADAC - Program Director, Addictions Treatment

"When people told me that they had changes when they dissolved into love, I couldn't imagine what they meant. I now have some idea of what they were speaking about because of this new loving music." - Sharon Lynn Tierney, Nevada City, California

"Your music is like a magic carpet ride to bliss!" - Jennifer Zeller, Ohio

"I don't remember having been moved quite like that by music. The purity of his voice stirs the soul." - Cheri Harvey, Louisville, Kentucky

"'All Creation' a true love song that goes beyond the love of man and woman to the greater love for all creation. Your music has become more worldly...the sound of sitar opening so many doors in my heart...staying so true to the integrity of your artist's voice." - Rita Rivera, Toltec Master Teacher

"Rays of Light took me away…to a place more loving and forgiving." - Becky Hobbs, Award-winning Songwriter/Recording Artist

"A beautiful CD. Rays of Light is Music as Medicine." - Millie McDonnell, Wild Horse Studio, Maryland

"You are Light!" - Rev. Molly Rockey, Unity of the Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA

"Wonderfully inspiring!" - Lucas S Van Orden, MD, PhD, Psychiatrist and Addictionologist

"When James began to sing I felt as if I was encircled by love. People in the room softened, hearts opened and for a few minutes we got to let go of any worries and breathe in peace, relax into joy and melt into a feeling of rejuvenation together as community." - Claire Victor, Music Director, Global Heart Spiritual Community, Santa Rosa, California

"Thank you for a beautiful evening of inspirational songs. The poetry of words was striking." - Lucy Lee, Board of Trustees, Sunrise Unity Church, Sacramento, California

"Wonderful work on All Creation. So beautiful and evocative..." - Ron Lamee, Phoenix, Arizona

"Murals is pure heaven. Mystic Maiden is so haunting and the melody flows right to my soul." - Lynne Patrice, Atco, New Jersey

"Your music touches the soul in the ways of the great poets. Your words are cleansing, soulful, spiritual, and, obviously, come from the heart." - Steven Adams, Life Recovery Pastoral Counseling, Hixson, Tennessee

"It was a thrill for everyone to experience your beautiful spirit and to bask in the love that exists between you and Dawn." - Keshav Howe, Spiritual Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner, Glastonbury, Connecticut

"Your music is like a vehicle of transportation. When I listen there is a shift for me. I may become deeply peaceful or I may suddenly spin circles in the room from feeling so happy. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and with the world." - Suzanne Bastear, Chicago, Illinois

"Beautiful lyrics from a beautiful dreamer... your music sends energy coursing up my spine." - Kevin Murray, Cheshire, Connecticut

"You're sowing seeds, and you may never know all the life that grows behind you along your path." - Dean Bragg, Columbus, Ohio

"This CD is truly wonderful...I feel so blessed to have your heart pouring out to me every day. My eternal thanks to you..." - Kristine Carrier, Doyline, Louisiana

"I love your music, and just wanted to say thank you for bringing it to the world." - Chris Guilianelli, Illinois

"Congrats on expressing yourself so beautifully in life!" - Meghan McChesney-Gilroy, Toltec Mentor Teacher and Author, Marblehead, Massachusetts

"Your music has blessed my life! You have the ability to capture the essence of the Toltec Wisdom with your songs and express it with your whole heart. I am touched every time I play one of your CDs." - Sheila Herrington, Interfaith Unity Church, Mesa, Arizona

"His finely crafted songs call out to our hearts with uncommon clarity. James Nihan unassumingly shares masterpiece after musical masterpiece. What an outstanding entertainment experience!" - Charlie Peters, Owner, WEB Coffeehouse, Yellow Springs, Ohio

"I listen to your music in my truck on my way to work and on my way home. It is a great way to begin the day and to transition home again." - David Elmer, San Diego, California

"Thank you for a night to remember. Your music touched me as no other ever has." - Anne Call, North Carolina

"Thank you again for your beautiful songs of life and love. Everyone was touched by your presence." - Oliva Del Rosario, San Diego, California

"...a voice that not only is magical to listen to, but seems to reach out and grab one's heart." - Carol Harris, Tempe, Arizona

"Thank you for entertaining us with your truly are a messenger!!!!" - Diane Donato, author of Attitude by Design, Waterbury, Connecticut

I attended your performance at Unity of the Oaks. The whole evening was so wonderful. My heart was so much love was coming in all night. Thank you for singing songs of truth...songs of LOVE...bless you." - Suemary L., Thousand Oaks, California

"Thank you for your beautiful music. We recently had a sweat lodge ceremony at our home and afterwards we played your cd's. It brought alot of light to our group." - Sherry Tejada, Sierra Vista, Arizona

"This night opened feelings in me that have been dead for years. I bought both cd's and haven't taken one out of the cd player yet. God bless James and what he is sharing with us with his music. He is truly heaven sent." - Marlene Felton, Nashville, Tennessee

"Just wanted to let you know that I was introduced to your CD "All Creation" by a co-worker today, and we have been sitting here working and listening. We work in a very stressful environment, and I must say that it brought peace and calm to me. Great work." - Jefferson L., Pensacola, Florida

"We appreciate you being on THE GRINDERS SWITCH HOUR and sharing your beautiful music with us. I love your writing, but love your voice even more! God bless." - Sheila Bunn, WKIX 96 radio, Centerville, Tennessee

"I came broken-hearted, the first time attending a spiritual gathering in ten years. I was deeply touched by your beautiful music. I have been listening to your CD and especially love 'Sister Mitote.' I feel a spiritual awakening. Thank you and may you forever shine." - Chris L., San Diego, California

"I'm one of your biggest fans. I have played your music for my clients (during massage), and for all my friends. Namaste and thank you for sharing your beauty." - Jan Loomis, Middletown, Connecticut

"Listening to your music brings my heart back to love." - Carol Bagioni, Connecticut

"Thank you for blessing us with your music and the messages they send. I have found them inspirational and helpful for the spiritual growth I am currently going through." - Jim Jones, North Carolina

In this difficult moment of the human story we are living, your CDs are the hoping breathing to survive. Thanks for your soul's gift to anybody who wants to understand." - Enzo Nino, Napoli, Italy

"My face is wet with warm gentle tears that felt good to release. Today I had forgotten how to remember...and your lyrics helped me remember that I forgot." - Kat Couree, Heaven, Newburyport, Massachusetts

"Thank you for a truly magical evening. Thanks for coming to Asheville and sharing your artistry with us." - Melinda, North Carolina

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