Performing Songwriter
magazine review
Volume 4, Issue 22
January/February 1997

James Nihan
Mirror Boxes And Diamond Rings

It's been said that rock and roll is all about Saturday night and that country
music is Saturday night and Sunday morning, too. That being the case,
James Nihan is the lonesome preacher caught between the two. Nihan is a
Nashville transplant who found success early on in his career with the
song "I Can See Arkansas". It was recorded by both Steve Wariner and Anne
Murray and Nihan's version is one of the eleven songs presented here.
With a voice thick as molasses, Nihan tells the tales of the lover, the
loser and the lucky survivor.

He shows his way with a phrase on the lead-off track, "We Were There".
"Sun in the sky like a big copper ladle, pouring honey down the river bank"
is how he describes a lover's paradise. The title song is the true story
(according to his liner notes) of a Mississippi farmer confronting his wife
and her lover in a roadside tavern. Kinda like "Lucille" with gunfire.
A postcard from a friend's father's war buddy is the inspiration
behind "Brothers Of The Wind".

Nihan lets his sense of humor shine on the rib-tickling "Shotgun
Divorce", where-in an innocent stop for gas almost finds him betrothed.
The ghost of Marty Robbins haunts "The Bells Of Santa Rosa". The CD
closes with the love-gone-right song, "It's Only Natural", a fitting, final
sparkle to Nihan's Mirror Boxes And Diamond Rings.

     - Neil Fagen

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