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James unwinds after first recording session
(Color) Photo taken by George Nihan. Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. 1958

With the Wood Brothers
(B&W) Photo by Roger Nihan. Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. 1967
(In memory of Peter Wood)

In Hamilton, MA
(Color) Photo taken by Tim Buckley. October, 1975

In Beverly, MA
(B&W) Photo taken by Tess Witwicki. 1977

On a farm in Cherry Hill, NJ
(B&W) Photo taken by Amy Stromsten. January 1979
This photo appeared in Amy's book "Recovery," published by the Journal of Studies on Alcohol, Rutgers University in 1982.

Good Times/Newsreal "Caught Live"
(B&W) Photo taken by Michael Hendrickson. September 1979
This shot is part of a montage of photos that included B.B. King, Maria Muldaur, Asleep at the Wheel, Tower of Power, Gato Barbieri and Little River Band. James appears bottom right - Tucson, AZ

In Tucson, AZ with new Resistol
(B&W) Photo taken by Diane Trea. November 1979
The new hat is a 7.5-litre single-head fool-injected model as I couldn't afford the Cadillac of cowboy cranium covers...the ten-gallon. And would you believe the boots were bright orange Larry Mahan's?! I bought 'em in Greenville, Texas during an irrational moment. I was an uncoordinated kid when it came to colors.

In Sausalito, CA
(Color) Photo taken by Michael Powers. May 1981
With poets Jean Pumphrey and Cheryl Fuller. The party was for our poetry class from the College of San Mateo at the end of the school year. Jean was a wonderful teacher and mentor.

In Camp Meeker, CA
(B&W) Photo taken by Charne - 1982
I was living in what was originally built as a summer cottage in 1900. Many were built around that time for wealthy San Franciscans, who would arrive by train in Occidental. They would enjoy the fresh air and solitude amongst the redwoods. There were several of these mighty trees that encircled my cottage, some eight feet wide.

James and Sarah
(B&W) Photo taken by Sam - Nashville, TN 1988
In the old abandoned Union Station train shed. Sarah and I drove from California together in March 1987 in an old 1968 Chevy pickup truck that broke down so often that it took us twenty-four days to reach Nashville. We even replaced the engine in the desert town of Wilcox, Arizona. Sarah was 3/4 Collie and 1/4 Australian Shepherd and if you chanced to say the word "fleas" she'd chew your eyebrows!

Outside Douglas Corner Café
(B&W) Photo taken by Rhonda Moore - Nashville, TN 1990
Lots of memories in this place...Keith Whitley, Lyle Lovett, Townes Van Zandt. I remember standing there in the back with the star-to-be Garth Brooks, listening to songwriters like Bernie Nelson, Dave Gibson and Tony Arata. Garth would later record Tony's song "The Dance".

In Mount Juliet, TN
(B&W) Photo taken by Rhonda Moore - 1990

On stage at The Bluebird Café
(Color) With fellow songwriters L-R Greg Barnhill ("Walk-Away Joe" - Trisha Yearwood), Eric Silver ("This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet" - Diamond Rio) and Chuck Cannon ("I Love The Way You Love Me" - John Michael Montgomery). This was before they had those hits - Nashville, TN 1989

On stage at Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
(Color) With songwriters Steve Gibb ("She Believes In Me") and Jeff Silbar ("Wind Beneath My Wings"). We appeared together as guests of the Songwriters Group of Texas - 1990

At Endicott College
(B&W) Photo taken by Alexander Stevens
Beverly, Massachusetts - 1992

With Anne Murray
(B&W) Photo taken by Susan Davis
Anne and I are backstage at the North Shore Music Theatre in my hometown. "I Can See Arkansas" was her current single and my folks had been comped with top-knotch tickets through Anne's office. It was a great night. An aside: This is where I attended many performances in the past including "King Lear" (starring the great character actor, Jeff Corey), Aerosmith (they also performed in my high school gymnasium when I was a Junior) and even Cab Calloway. - Beverly, Massachusetts - 1992

With Harlan Howard and Jeffrey Alan Chase
(Color) Photographer unknown
At the annual fall farm gathering of songwriters, hosted by Jeff and Donna Chase. The legendary Harlan had just begun to mentor and publish me, signing songs like Brothers of the Wind. Jeff and I wrote about thirty songs during the nineties. - Fairview, TN - 1992

With Harlan Howard
(B&W) Photo taken by Beth Gwynn
We were at Jamaica's celebrating a Collin Raye hit that was written by fellow songwriter, Jackson Leap. The song was "The Right One Left" and went to #3 on the charts. Harlan presented Jackson with a new guitar - Nashville, TN - 1993

With Jenny Simpson and Dawn Zurlinden
We are at Jenny's Mercury Records album release party. She had included my song "Under the Rainbow" (Nihan/Methvin) on this, her debut CD. Other songwriter attending the event were Jess Leary, Verlon Thompson, Jeff Pennig, Austin Cunningham, Tia Sillers and Ray Methvin, who also co-produced with Garth Fundis. The party was held at the office of BMI. - Nashville, TN - 1998

With Steve Wariner
(Color) Photo taken by Dawn Zurlinden
At the annual performance of the "Words & Music" program at the Country Music Hall of Fame. I had been contributing as a volunteer since 1989 and Steve was the emcee. It was the first we'd seen each other since the green room at the Ryman Auditorium several years before. Also of note on this night: John Prine was in the audience and when I asked him why, he smiled and let me know his son's pre-school class had been chosen to sing a song they'd written. They were assisted by songwriter Steven Farmer. It was called "I Love School" and was a cute performance. This performance was really the debut of the new Country Music Hall of Fame. - Nashville, TN - May 3, 2001

With Lisa Palas and Ed Bruce
(Color) Photo taken by Dawn Zurlinden
After the show with fellow songwriters Lisa Palas ("You've Got The Touch") and Ed Bruce ("Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys") At the Swallow At The Hollow, Roswell, GA - June 15, 2002

Promo Shot for "Rays of Light"
(B&W) Photo taken by Bob Musgjerd
Home on the farm. This photo was taken at 1:30 a.m., using a pickup truck low beam for light. The film exposure was so slow I had to stand still for 35 seconds! Bon Aqua, TN - June 2003

(Color) James at The Ranch
I was a providing music for clients in ceremony. Nunnelly, TN - 2003

James with don Miguel Ruiz
(Color) Photo taken by David Jones
During the Friday night performance at the "Circle of Fire" weekend. Miguel is author of the bestselling book "The Four Agreements". The Ranch - Nunnelly, TN - August 15, 2003

James on the Farm #1 / James on the Farm #2
James on the Farm #3 / James on the Farm #4
(B&W) Photos taken by Dawn Zurlinden
Here are four new shots from December 28, 2003 in Bon Aqua, TN.

"Rays of Light" CD Release Party
(Color) Photo taken by David Jones
Supporting players included Dawn Zurlinden, Gantt Kees, Duane Sciacqua and Kevin
Ball. Nashville, TN - February 2004

At the Ryman Auditorium
(Color) Photo taken by Joe Scott
With Dawn Zurlinden, presenting "Seeds of Light" for a gathering of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee at the home of the Grand Ole Opry. The keynote speaker was the Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode Sr., former Philadelphia mayor. Other speakers included members Marty Roe and Dan Truman of Diamond Rio, Sheriff Daron Hall and State Senator Joe Haynes. Nashville, TN - September 2005

Photos from Recovery Fest 2005 - Nashville, TN
(Color) James and John Carter Cash backstage
(Color) James on stage with Dawn Zurlinden and Kevin Ball
This was an all day event in support of those in recovery from addictions. Other performers included Steve Dan Mills, Jonelle Mosser, John McAndrew, John Carter Cash and Laura Cash, J.J. Kent and Justin Earle.

(Color) James and Ed Bruce
I first met Ed in Dallas in 1979. In 1988 he became my first publisher in Nashville. In 2001 we reconnected at a country post office and wrote our first movie screenplay together. Ed wears many hats including actor, recording artist and songwriter. His best known song is "Mamma's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys". Monterey TN - October 2005

(Color) James and Wood Newton
Charlie Garner Day at Hickman County Fairgrounds - Wood and I sang "I Can See Arkansas" together for the first time...we wrote it sixteen years ago! It's been recorded by many artists including Anne Murray, Steve Wariner, David Ball and Larry Stephenson. Among Wood's many writing credits are "Twenty Years Ago" (Kenny Rogers), "Bobby Sue" (Oak Ridge Boys), "What I Didn't Do" (Steve Wariner) and "Riding With Private Malone" (David Ball). Centerville, TN - April 2006

Photos from Newman's Christmas Party - December 2006
(Color) James with Duane Eddy, Ray Stevens and Phil Everly
Wow! Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, "King of Twang", Duane Eddy... and Ray "Everything Is Beautiful" Stevens, who's publishing company was about the first to listen to my songs in 1987... and Everly Brother Phil...
(Color) James and Dawn with Hager Twins
I've crossed paths many times with comedians Jim and Jon Hager and they are alot of fun to be around. You might remember them from TV's Hee Haw.
(Color) James and Tony Newman
Drummer Tony has been around the block, being in the bands Sounds Incorporated, May Blitz, Three Man Army and T. Rex. He has also worked with many others including Jeff Beck, David Bowie, Donovan, Mick Ronson, Gene Vincent, Joan Armatrading, Albert Lee, John Prine, Phil Everly and Crystal Gayle. I had to google him to find all this out since humble Tony doesn't say all that much about his career highlights. I've even heard he was at Paul McCartney's 21st birthday party. Columbia, TN - December 2006.

(Color) James in San Diego, California - 8 photos
Presenting songs at the San Diego Center for Spiritual Living. Photos by Oliva Del Rosario - February 8, 2009

(Color) James and Iris
In March 2013 we took Iris and Angel to the old farm in Bon Aqua. This would be Iris' last romp where she grew up. It was a bittersweet time for Dawn and me. This is where Iris was a puppy and now, so suddenly it seemed, she was old and slipping away with cancer. She turned thirteen on April 1st and left us on April 3rd. What a wonderful friend she was. Bon Aqua, TN - 2013

(Color) Dawn Zurlinden, James Nihan & Kevin Ball
Performing at the Piney River Freedom Folk and Soul Fest in Hickman County, TN - 2013

(Color) James and Becky Hobbs
With Singer/songwriter Becky Hobbs - Visiting historic Mound Bottoms, site of Mississippian-period Native American village. Becky has had success with many songs including "Angels Among Us". By the Harpeth River in Kingston Springs, TN - 2013

(Color) James and Nanyehi Cast Members
Photo taken by Dawn Zurlinden
My first visit to a production of the musical, Nanyehi: The Nancy Ward Story. Proud to hear my collaboration with Becky Hobbs, This Land is not Our Land, performed. Kingsport, TN - 2014

(Color) James at Clarksville Writers Conference
Photo taken by David Jones
I was a presenting author and songwriter. Austin Peay University, Clarksville, TN - 2021

(Color) James and Tom Rush
With Singer/songwriter Tom Rush - Dawn and I had a wonderful opportunity to hear Tom live at the City Winery in Nashville on August 30, 2023. He was appearing with Tom Paxton, Jon Vezner, Don Henry, and harmonica wizard, Charlie McCoy. Tom was a major influence on me musically, back in the 1970's, along with James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot and John Prine. When I stepped out to do my first gig, I had a pocketful of songs, probably half were from Tom's albums. I first heard Tom live in 1975 in Boston at the Hatch Shell, with the group Orphan. Later, I would see performances in Bevery, Massachusetts (Sandy's) and in Tucson (Dooley's). It was nice to get a picture together. Tom is now 82, and performing and writing better than ever. (Photo by Dawn Zurlinden)

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