J.R. Zurlinden
About the Artist

Seeing the Travelair Mystery Ship in Cleveland, in 1929, J.R. "Dick" Zurlinden started the fire that has never gone out! His long career as an artist/illustrator includes work at Wright Field before WWII, illustrating armament proposals for the B-17 and other bombers, painting murals for the Carter Hotel in Cleveland (where he lived next door to artist Charles Hubbell), work at Glenn L. Martin, in Baltimore, during the War, and (after the War) work in Detroit in the automobile industry. At 87, Dick says that airplanes have remained his great, lifetime passion. The father of seven, he now resides on Cape Cod with his wife Ginny and son Jeffrey.

10x19 image on 16x20, 85 lb. archival stock
500 signed and numbered - $70.00 each

The Martin Seamaster was the only jet flying boat ever built and the
last of the flying boat era. It had a brilliant design with striking
similarity to the B47 Stratojet drooped-wing landplanes, P6M-1 and
P6M-2. They were reported capable of 640 mph.

An update: Dick passed in September of 2006. There are a few unsigned prints remaining and they will be sold for $50.00 each.

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